Rave Reviews

Richard has been privileged to work with some of the best and brightest in TV, Film and beyond. Here’s some feedback from a few of them:

“Thank you for your great work and going the extra mile.”

– Roger King, Former CEO, CBS Television Distribution

“If only every Producer & Director could be like Richard Polonetsky!”

– Tom Muschamp, Editor, ABC-TV, Dancing With The Stars

“If only there were more talented people like Richard Polonetsky! Not only is he an outstanding producer & director with an incredible ability to create inspiring programs and pledge events that consistently receive high ratings and big fund drive revenues, but he is extremely organized and on top of every issue to boot! I know I can count on him to come through in a positive way, no matter the situation. It is a total joy to work with Richard!”

– Alicia Steele, On-Air Fundraising Specialist, WPBA, Atlanta’s PBS Station

“Richard Polonetsky’s professionalism, creativity and communication skills combined with his breadth of knowledge in all aspects of production, marketing and PBS pledge programming make him a truly multi-talented person with a follow through and authenticity that is rare and most appreciated!”

– Shari Bernson, Membership Director & Executive Producer, CPT-12, PBS, Colorado Public Television  

“Richard Polonetsky is a consummate media professional.  I worked closely with Richard for about seven years producing over ten award winning feature length documentaries for theatrical exhibition, as well as dozens of studio television programs for PBS.  Richard brought a wealth of network broadcast experience to these productions, and demonstrated his proven capacity to handle all aspects of managing and completing high quality productions on time and on budget.  He also has a keen eye for supervising post-production, and his involvement in any production assures that it meets the highest standards of independent filmmaking and broadcast television.  Richard is also an excellent writer and marketing director, and can make invaluable contributions to the business side of production.  Such contributions include designing marketing campaigns, conducting important business meetings with media executives, and negotiating production, financing, and distribution agreements.  Richard has also been very successful at business development for his media savvy clients, and is an invaluable resource for utilizing social media.  Richard has a very positive “can do” personality, along with impeccable character and integrity.  In sum, Richard is the “full package,” and can provide outstanding services in all aspects of media, production, and business development.  I highly recommend Richard for any job or assignment without any reservation.”

– David M. Slater, Esq., Media Lawyer & Independent Producer

“I’ve been interviewed by dozens of people in the media and you are by far the best!  Thank you for helping to bring out the best of me in every question and situation.”

– Henry Grayson, PhD, Bestselling Author and Featured Expert in News, Talk Shows, Films and PBS Television Programs 

“Thank you for such an engaging dialogue.  This was hands down the best interview I’ve ever done – and I’ve been interviewed a lot!”

– James Dillard, MD, DC, LAc, Internationally Renowned Pain Expert, Author & Professor Emeritus, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

“Richard Polonetsky represents the apex of everything a great producer and director should be.  The experience of working closely with Richard for over a year has brought me to a whole new level in my career. He has a natural eye for creating compelling pieces with the highest standards of production quality and working with him was a true honor. He has taught me so much about post production and beyond. Richard has a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity and is a lot of fun to work with. He has a great sense of humor and truly cares about his work and the people he works with. He’s the best of the best!”

– Corey Hanson, Video Editor/Motion Graphic Designer, Healthguru.com