If you need professional video production services in NYC or across the globe, you have found your ultimate team!

We are specialists in the creation of compelling Television, Film, Commericals, Branded Content, Marketing Videos and YouTube Videos.

Our team is led by Richard Polonetsky – an award-winning television and film producer, director & writer whose experience spans the past 20+ years working with entertainment companies such as: ABC, PBS, CBS, King World Productions and many others.

Richard’s expertise includes creatively conceptualizing, developing, writing, producing, directing, editing, marketing and distributing:

  • Award-Winning Network, Syndicated & PBS Television Shows
  • Award-Winning Feature-Length Documentaries
  • Bestselling Home Video (Health, Fitness, Personal Development, How-To)
  • Direct Response Television and Radio
  • Branded Content
  • Marketing, Promotional & Fundraising Content
  • Online Videos
  • Commercials

Richard’s unparalleled level of creativity, professionalism and obsessive commitment to quality ensures that every project is the absolute best that it can be!

Some of his highlights include:

  • Conducting nearly 1000 interviews with leading celebrities, physicians, scientists, researchers, professors, authors, experts, artists, athletes and others.
  • Helping to launch and produce the Emmy Award Winning ABC-TV Talk/Variety show, The View.
  • Producing the Emmy Award Winning Daytime Drama, ABC-TV’s All My Children.
  • Developing, writing, producing, directing, marketing and distributing 25 highly-rated, prime-time television specials and on-air fundraising events for PBS.
  • Producing and directing several multi-award-winning, feature length documentaries.
  • Producing internationally syndicated Television Shows for CBS Television/King World Productions.
  • Creating, marketing and distributing profitable special interest home video releases.
  • Creating commercials, marketing videos and promos that build brands and generate revenue.
  • Running broadcast production company. Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, motivating and leading team of 100+ broadcast professionals.

Richard has extensive experience in all phases of creating broadcast content from concept to completion. From brainstorming the ideal vision to relentlessly pursuing the final cut, he will get the job done – perfectly.  And his positive energy, great sense of humor and dynamic personality make him a pleasure to work with and a true asset to any team.  If you truly want your project to be the best that it can be, Richard is the ultimate solution!

Richard and his team of of professional broadcast production personnel can provide complete start to finish production solutions for all of your projects. We provide video production services in NYC and around the world.

For a free consultation to see how we can help you with your next project or for more information, please contact us here.